DCA National Meet

2017 DCA National Meet is scheduled for February 3-5, 2017 @ PPBA Show in Modesto, CA. Stay tuned for further updates!

National Meet Awards Offered by the DCA!!!

This will be the rotational schedule for the Regional Host for the DCA National meet until it needs mending in the future:

2017- Western (PPBA @ Modesto, California)
2018- Northeastern (Columbus, Ohio)
2019- Southern/Central (Shawnee, Oklahoma)
2020- Eastern (Smithfield, North Carolina)

This schedule was determined mostly on the rotation since 2010, about the time the club revitalized:

2010-Central (Missouri)
2011-NE (Indiana)
2012-South (Oklahoma)
2013-West (California)
2014-NE (Massachusetts)
2015-South (Oklahoma)
2016- Eastern (North Carolina)