Welcome to the Dominique Club of America

To increase interest in and to help preserve Dominique large and bantam chickens, the Dominique Club of America was founded in early November, 1973, at Columbus during the Ohio National Show. Since then the Club has grown well and the number of people keeping, breeding and showing Dominiques has increased significantly. Dominique Club activities include publishing the Dominique News, offering awards for Dominique winners at shows and holding an annual meet, at which friendly competition, fellowship and an exchange of ideas and suggestions are encouraged.

The Club also provides a central point for information on sources of Dominiques for new members as well as for breeding stock for those working on their own strains. The Club is active in searching out and assembling historical information on Dominiques.

The Club provides tangible recognition, including a Member of the Year Award, for the member making the most notable contribution to Dominiques in that year; and a Dominique Breeders' Hall of Fame, for those who have made a significant contribution toward preserving the Dominique breed. It also offers a Master Breeder Award, which members can earn by successful breeding and showing of large or bantam Dominiques.

2014 DCA National Show, Election Results

Thank you so much to John Hrycek, Jr. in Pennsylvania for helping out so much to make our National show go off! Official results will be reported in the next newsletter!

Election results are in, congratulations to John Womac and Stephenie Surbey for the positions of President and Vice President. Thank you so much to Tracey and Fred for your service to the club, what a difference the last couple of years have seen! Read a letter from our new president John here

Also big congratulations to Janice James for her Member Of The Year Award! Jan has worked so hard to campaign the Dominique bantams on the West Coast and to help the club. She is also our new newsletter editor!

2013 Dominique Club of America National

Our 2013 National was right on the heels of Shawnee at the Pacific Poultry Breeder's Association annual show and the American Bantam Association 2012 National in Stockton, California. Janice Blawat, Chris Tamayo and several youth exhibitors really made a show of it with over 30 Dominique bantams entered!!!

2012 Dominique Club of America National

The 2012 National was held at the Oklahoma Poultry Federation Show ("Shawnee") in Shawnee, Oklahoma on December 8th and 9th. In attendance were several members (and a few non-members) of the Dominique Club of America. There were some outstanding Dominiques shown and Dominiques took Reserve American in both the open and youth shows!

Dominique Club of America - 2012 National Show

From left to right: Ethan Close, Melody Hobbs, Sam Brush, Madi Fowler, Fred Farthing, Judy Farthing, Melissa Nouka, and Rebecca Fowler Letourneau.
Open Class: Best of Breed and Reserve Champion American was a Hen shown by Fred Farthing. Reserve of Breed was a Cockerel shown by Fred Farthing. In the bantams Fred also took Best and Reserve of Breed. There were two Juniors showing in the youth show, both with large fowl, with Madi Fowler taking Best of Breed, and Reserve Champion American with her pullet! Mr. Ethan Close, also a Junior, was at his first poultry show and I am told had a very nice pullet as well. Will try to get many of the photos that were shared into the next newsletter!

Dominiques In Social Media

All members are welcome to come and join the official group page of the Dominique Club of America on facebook. This has become a very active group with lots of discussion about our birds, photos, and communication about upcoming events. Also, there is another group on Facebook for all enthusiasts of the breed (club member and non-member alike) American Dominique Chickens.